Divi Plus

The Most Powerful Divi Plugin

Single Plugin - Multiple Options


Five Unique Modules

Divi Plus has 5 unique Divi modules. With these modules, you can easily style your webpage’s headings, text, separator & add breadcrumbs. Creating a marvelous web page has become fun with Divi Plus.


Build Visually

Whatever you add on your website using Divi Plus is fully support Divi’s visual builder. You can see live changes while designing it, Allowing you to create the unique web pages that are a true reflection of your imagination.

More To Come

Regular updates are another reason, which makes Divi Plus The most powerful Divi plugin. Updates include improvement in available modules & addition of the whole new module in the Divi Plus plugin.

Divi Plus Modules


Breadcrumbs are a great way to help users navigate easily on a website that has lots of pages. Therefore, use Divi Plus to add pleasant Breadcrumbs to your web pages and help users navigate smartly throughout the website.

Fancy Heading

Do not let your content go ignored by website visitors with a simple-looking heading. Use Divi Plus Fancy Heading module to create elegant and beautiful headings, that capture the user’s attention more profoundly.

Fancy Text

Bored with the same old text styles, then style your website text with a gradient or background image using the Divi Plus Fancy Text module and give it more meaning. Customizing a text has become too easy now!


Add beautiful separator in between your webpages’ content with either text or icon. Many customization to make separator more fascinating and intriguing. Finally, goodbye to all those ordinary separator lines.

Before After Slider

Want to compare before and after versions of a picture, then don’t just add them side by side on your website. Use Divi Plus Before After Slider module to compare images in a smart and elegant way with a cool sliding feature.

More Coming Soon...