Divi Text Highlighter

Highlight Your Divi Text

Let's Emphasize Text With Highlighter

Put a light on your Divi Text using the Divi Plus Text Highlighter module. It’s an easy and effective Divi module that enables you to set your text apart for better recognition. Use it to highlight the text of any kind at any place—no need to code, no need to load heavy work mode. Just simply highlight text amazingly.

Zig Zag Underline
Circle Content
Diagonal Line
Single Underline
Double Underline
Curly Underline
Cross The Content
Never Let the Words Go Unseen

Seven Highlighting Styles

The Divi Plus Text Highlighter module includes 7 highlighting styles that open up a great styling door, which leads to highlight any particular text in a much interesting way. You can highlight texts with a single line, or you can decide to put a zig-zag underneath it. You can cross it whenever you want or round it to let people remember it for longer. Plus, multiple other options, such as line color, size, and text styling, allow you to present the highlighted text in a profound, fascinating way. Try now, and know it for yourself!