Divi Lottie Module

Display Lottie Animations in your Divi Theme

Easily Autoplay Your Lottie Animations

Engage them on the first visit at first sight with the autoplay feature of the Divi Plus Lottie module.

Move Lottie Animations on Hover or Click

Want them to interact with your Lottie animations? Then guess what? This module provides you with the option to play the Lottie animation when users either Click them or Hover. Try it yourself ๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿป

Make Them Run in Different Directions

Sometimes itโ€™s good to walk back. So, does true for Lottie animations. With Divi Plus Lottie module, you can move them in Normal and Reverse direction.

Play Them Faster or Slow

Some animations look good when they are fast, and some when they are slow, just like a rabbit and turtle. Using the Divi Plus Lottie module, you can control the speed of your Lottieโ€™s.

Apply an Endless Loop

Want a Lottie animation play over and over and over again? Without any stoppage or time limit? Then with this module, you can do it easily. Very easily.

And a Lot More to Make Them Look Fantastic

In addition to these options, you can make multiple other customizations to your Lottie animations that would make them look better and engaging than before.