Divi Scroll Image Module

Display scrolling pictures on your Divi website using the Divi Plus Scroll Image module. It includes the easiest options to make images scroll in a particular direction (Top, Bottom, Right, and Left) every time the user hovers. Plus, control scrolling speed, change alignment, adjust dimensions, and other, to enhance scrolling images look to the fullest.

Scroll Images on Hover in Multiple Directions

The Divi Plus Scroll Image module provides you with the option to scroll images in multiple directions when users hover on them. You can set images to scroll in Top, Bottom, Right, and Left direction with only a few clicks.

Vertical Image Scroller to Display Extensive Visual Information

Showcase Extensive Long Images with Vertical Image Scroller in a confined space. Avoid visual cluttering and display every visual detail of images in a compact image scroller. Let users easily scroll and explore images from top to bottom and bottom to top on hover.

Style Scrolling Images Better

Control Speed, Change Alignment, Adjust Dimensions, and Much More…

How fast you want to scroll them, where you want to place them, which portion should be displayed, and what style they adopt? The Divi Plus Scroll Image module has got all the options to perform each task in a very simple and quick way. You can control scrolling speed — Fast or Slow, change image alignment, adjust height and width, plus multiple other options to make scrolling images more than scrolling images.

Offer a Wide View of Pictures with Horizontal Image Scroller

Provide users an extended horizontal view of images that is not possible in a single frame of limited horizontal space. Let visitors discover a wide horizontal view of products, portfolio and other images with a hover.