Divi FAQPage Schema Module

Add eye-catching and beautiful FAQs to your Divi website optimized with FAQ structured data using the FAQPage Schema module of Divi Plus. All your FAQs will appear in the search result as rich snippets to improve page ranking and better organic traffic.

Top Questions Regarding FAQPage Schema

Explore Divi Plus FAQPage Schema with real questions and answers.

What does an FAQ Page contain?

A Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) page contains a list of questions and answers for a particular topic.

What is an FAQPage Schema?

A properly marked-up page that appears in the search results as a rich snippet.

Are every page is eligible for FAQPage Schema?

No, only properly marked up FAQ pages may be eligible to have a rich result on the Search such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

How does FAQPage Schema help a website?

A properly makeup page with FAQPage Schema appears in the search result as a rich snippet. Thus, increases the number of chances for users to interact with it.

Does Divi Plus FAQPage Schema module create marked up FAQs?

Yes, with the Divi Plus FAQPage Schema module, you can create a properly marked up FAQ page that would appear in the search result as a rich snippet. Moreover, you’ll get multiple options to make the FAQ page look engaging and beautiful.

What are the features of the FAQPage Schema module?

There are multiple features in the FAQPage Schema module, some of are as follows,

  • Accordion & Grid FAQPage Schema Layout.
  • Display FAQs in up to 4 columns.
  • Showcase FAQs in the masonry style.
  • And many more.

Do I need to be an advanced Divi user to use the FAQPage Schema module?

No, there’s no such requirement from a user to use the Divi Plus FAQPage Schema module. You can use it with fewer or no knowledge of the Divi Builder. For more information, you can check out its documentation page.

Learn how to use the module here → FAQPage Schema Module Documentation.

How much time it would take an FAQPage to appear in the Search?

It totally depends on the search engine and how frequently they crawl your website. But if you want to list your FAQPage in the minimum time possible, then you can manually add your page to the search engines’ database using their webmaster tools. It will add your FAQPage in a couple of minutes and you’d be able to see the FAQPage Schema applied to it.

What are the main features of Divi Plus FAQPage Schema module?

If you are looking to create an FAQ Page on your website that uses Divi Theme, this module can help you minimize your efforts. It provides an easy method to add your Frequently Asked Questions in compliance with the FAQPage Schema and display them anywhere on a page using Divi page builder.

Can I use more than one instance of FAQPage Scheme module on a page?

As it is a Divi module, you could add it anywhere as many times you want. However, it is not recommended to use more than one instance of FAQPage Schema set on a page.
Google recommends that you mark your page about a specific thing. Thus, each page should include a single type of markup that presents the information on that page.

How can I check if my FAQ Page has correct markup?

You could perform a test once the page is created by using this tool.

Can I display user generated questions and answers using this module?

If your goal is to create a properly marked up FAQ page, do not add user-generated questions. It is not recommended by Google. Reference

What are the other features of Divi Plus Page Schema module?

When you use this module, you have 2 things that you get.

  1. Present users’ access to the commonly asked questions.
  2. Preset the content to search engines in a way that is compatible with rich snippets in the search result.

You can present the content in different ways. 

  1. Grid
  2. Accordion
  3. Multiple columns

Can I use an FAQPage Schema for advertising purposes?

Yes, you can, but it’s not recommended by Google.

Does it mandatory to keep the entire text of the question and answer?

According to Google, it’s recommended that you keep the entire text for both the Question and Answer.

When it’s best to use an FAQ page?

If your page has a list of questions with answers and doesn’t require users to submit alternative answers. In that case, you can use the QAPage schema.

What are the Valid cases of the FAQPage Schema?

The following are some of the valid use cases of the FAQPage Schema,

  • On your website, you submit both the Questions and Answers. Users just visit that page and look for their queries and read the answers listed under the question text.
  • A product support page that lists FAQs. The same as the above, no way for users to submit alternative answers.

What are the Invalid cases of the FAQPage Schema?

A forum, product page, and product support page where users can submit alternative answers to a single question. For example, Quora.
FAQ Schema Grid

Use Case – This Page!

A dedicated Divi module to mark up your FAQs with structured data which is compatible for rich Google search result on Search and action on the Google Assistant.

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