Divi Blog Slider Module

A New Way to Showcase Your Divi Blog Posts

Multiple Design Option to Create Blog Sliders

The Blog Slider module of the Divi Plus plugin lets you design your blog page with post sliders in more than one appearance. It includes 4 blog slider layouts that can help you create distinctive category archive pages every time you want to.

Creation, Nature Jul 23, 2020

Autumn, the year’s last loveliest smile

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Creation, Nature Jul 23, 2020

Nature is always a trending topic

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Slide the Content

Display Blog Posts on Sliders Filled With Rich Elements

People like to interact with things that are complete in their form. And thus, the Divi Plus Blog Slider module provides you with the option to design a blog slider that would present blog posts on the slider in their complete form with rich information. Like Post title, excerpt, category, date, author name, comments, and more.

Add Slider Arrow & Pagination the Way You Want

How you want your site visitors to slide your blog posts? With Arrows or Paginations? Guess what, with the Divi Plus Blog Slider module, you can provide your users with both sliding options for a better user interface. Moreover, you can also customize the slider arrow and pagination to make blog slider look even more interactive and beautiful.