Divi Price List Module

Smartly Create Detailed Price Lists

Change Your Price List’s Look & Feel With Multiple Layouts

Yup, you’ve read right! The Price List module of the Divi Plus plugin comes with multiple layouts to bring diversity in each price list you create. It includes 2 layouts, one to create a price list in a horizontal formation having pricing side by side. And another to create a price list having information and pricing below the thumbnail. The below demo achieved using Divi Plus Price List and Separator module.

Layout 1


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French Fries

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Layout 2


Classic Cappuccino

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Puff Pastry

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Intuitive Controls to Create Detail Rich Price Lists

To make it easy for you to design eye-catching and beautiful price list, this module features intuitive controls. So, anybody with little or no design knowledge can achieve an exceptional price list for their digital store of any type without extra effort.


Worth Value

Divi Plus Advanced Button

Design Divi Button That Converts

Divi Plus Image Hotspot

Let Your Image Speak With Divi Hotspot

Divi Plus Content Toggle

Showcase Key Content With Divi Switch

Divi Plus Fancy Text

Highlight Your Divi Text

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Bronze Package

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Silver Package

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Golden Package

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Global Settings to Customize Price Lists From a Single Location

You can design and create a price list item from their individual customization settings. But if you want to apply the same design on every price list item, then you can easily do that with the module’s parent settings. Thus, easy for you to keep each item reflecting other item’s design appearance.