Products Carousel For WooCommerce

Display WooCommerce Products in Beautiful Carousels

Two Layouts With Multiple Slide Effects for WooCommerce

Make your Divi WooCommerce store look fantastic with products sliding on a carousel. The product carousel module provides you with modern and intuitive control options to quickly and easily add different product carousels on a website.

Layout 1

Layout 2

Arrow, Pagination, And a Lot More

Add Products Carousel With Different Layouts & Styling Options

Achieve more by doing less. The WooCommerce Products carousel module comes with different slider layouts that are Flip, Cube, Coverflow, and of course, Slide. Furthermore, you can use native Divi Icons for slider arrows and pagination with multiple styles and maximize their appearance with additional options. Thus, giving you the ultimate options to make outstanding WooCommerce products carousels in minimum time and effort.

4 Unique Slide Effects for Your WooCommerce Products


3D Cube


Coverlow Slider