Free Divi Plus Landing Multipurpose Child Theme

Free Multipurpose Divi Plus Child Theme for Business websites.

Single Page Layout

One Single Page to Reveal Every Aspect of a Business Firm

Divi Plus landing multipurpose child theme is an awesome option for the landing page of Divi Website dealing in various corporate businesses and working on WordPress platforms. The top section of this free Divi child theme is loaded with a video about the business and is followed by a button. The next section gives a brief introduction to the business. The achievements, expertise, and client satisfaction are mentioned with impressive numbers. Lastly, you can have a quick glimpse of the values, approach, and clients of that marketing or business firm. This Divi Plus landing page child theme can be used on various business websites such as Technology, Marketing, Finance, Business consultancies, Logistics.
4 Divi Plus Modules

Crafted Using the Divi Plus Modules

Divi Plus Modal Popup module is used on the top section where a video is instantly triggered with a click. The Divi Plus Button module gives a striking effect to the buttons on a mouse hover. The Image Card module presents the experience, clients, team, and award figures. The floating Image module makes the images more sensational with motion effects.

Modal Popup

Advanced Button

Floating Image

Image Card

Accent color of theme

Colors and Fonts

The combination of blue and black is used in this single page Divi child theme. The headings are kept black to make them simple. On the other hand, the buttons and some elements are blue to engage the visitors.


Main Heading

Open Sans

Body Text

Your liability


All the images are CC0 and entirely free to use for any legitimate goal, you get all the access to alter, copy and share the images all without risking anything for approval.
Divi and Divi Plus Do All Magic


The minimal requirements to use this free Divi child theme on your WordPress website are Divi and Divi Plus. This Divi child theme is an ideal solution for the landing page of multiple business websites and firms.