Divi Free Child Theme for Insurance Agencies

An Expressive Divi Plus Child Theme Tailored for Insurance Agencies

07 Page Layouts

Multiple Pages For Different Needs

Divi Plus Insurance – the ultimate Divi child theme for insurance agencies. It has 7 smartly designed pages, which cover dedicated and detailed sections for car, home, life, and health insurance websites working on WordPress. Crafted using Divi Plus advanced modules, this child theme ensures a seamless online experience. Also, customize layouts, animations, and color schemes used to match your brand seamlessly and make your insurance agency stand out.

12 Divi Plus Modules

Divi Plus Modules in Use

Divi Plus Insurance child theme is enriched with 12 advanced modules of Divi Plus, each carefully selected to enhance your insurance agency’s online presence. The use of the Divi Plus flip box, fancy heading, image card, testimonial, bar counter, and timeline modules makes the child theme exceptionally dynamic, capturing user attention with captivating animations. All the modules within the Divi Plus plugin are intuitively designed for user-friendly experience, self-explanatory in usage, and optimized for swift loading, ensuring a seamless browsing journey for your audience.

Fancy Heading

Advanced Button


Floating Image

Image Mask

Modal Popup

Flip Box

Image Card

Testimonial Slider

FAQPage Schema

Accent color of theme

Colors and Fonts

The 7 layouts in this pack feature a harmonious blend of colors and fonts, designed for simplicity and creativity. To ensure your insurance company’s website is visually appealing, we’ve chosen colors like Sunset Orange, Royal Blue, Light Gray, and Charcoal Gray.

For a modern touch, main headings use the Playfair Display font family, while body text employs Open Sans for readability. This combination creates a balanced and engaging visual experience.





Playfair Display

Main Heading

Open Sans

Body Text

Your liability


All the images are CC0 and entirely free to use for any legitimate goal, you get all the access to alter, copy and share the images all without risking anything for approval.

Divi and Divi Plus Do All Magic


This Divi Plus Insurance Child Theme is smooth and easy to personalize. You’ll need Divi Plus and Divi to use this theme. It’s made specifically for insurance company websites, offering top-notch and professional services.