Free Divi Child Theme for Churches and Ministries

An Inspiring Divi Plus Child Theme Crafted for Churches and Spiritual Organizations

07 Page Layouts

Multiple Pages For Different Needs

Divi Plus Church is the perfect WordPress theme for churches and religious groups. It comes with 7 carefully made pages for home, about, locations, ministries, sermons, blog, and contact. Created using advanced Divi Plus modules, this theme offers a smooth online experience for your congregation. With Divi Plus Church child theme, you can easily customize layouts, animations, and colors to match your church’s style. 

10 Divi Plus Modules

Divi Plus Modules in Use

Divi Plus Church child theme is enhanced with 10 advanced moduels of Divi Plus, each thoughtfully chosen to elevate your church’s online presence. The incorporation of modules like DP Button, DP Floating Image, DP Modal, DP Team Slider, DP Testimonial Slider, DP Blog Slider, DP Text Highlighter, DP Image Hotspot, and DP Blog Timeline brings dynamic interactivity to the theme, engaging users with captivating animations. Every module within the Divi Plus plugin is designed for user-friendliness, easy understanding, and optimized loading speed. This ensures a seamless browsing experience for your congregation, guiding them through an enriched online journey.

Floating Image

Advanced Button

Team Slider


Modal Popup

Blog Slider

Image Hotspot

Testimonial Slider

Star Rating

Accent color of theme

Colors and Fonts

The 7 layouts included in this package showcase a nice mix of colors and fonts, designed to look simple yet creative for your church’s website. We’ve picked colors like Divine Gold, Royal Sanctuary, White, and Gray to make the site look attractive.

For a modern feel, we’re using the Poppins font for headings and the easy-to-read Open Sans for regular text. This combination makes sure your church’s online presence is both well-balanced and appealing.



Main Heading

Open Sans

Body Text

Your liability


All the images are CC0 and entirely free to use for any legitimate goal, you get all the access to alter, copy and share the images all without risking anything for approval.

Divi and Divi Plus Do All Magic


This Divi Plus Church Child Theme is user-friendly and highly customizable. To use this theme, you’ll need Divi Plus and Divi plugins. It’s designed specifically for church websites, providing exceptional and professional features.