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Can I use an FAQPage Schema for advertising purposes?

Yes, you can, but it’s not recommended by Google.

Does it mandatory to keep the entire text of the question and answer?

According to Google, it’s recommended that you keep the entire text for both the Question and Answer.

When it’s best to use an FAQ page?

If your page has a list of questions with answers and doesn’t require users to submit alternative answers. In that case, you can use the QAPage schema.

What are the Valid cases of the FAQPage Schema?

The following are some of the valid use cases of the FAQPage Schema,

  • On your website, you submit both the Questions and Answers. Users just visit that page and look for their queries and read the answers listed under the question text.
  • A product support page that lists FAQs. The same as the above, no way for users to submit alternative answers.

What are the Invalid cases of the FAQPage Schema?

A forum, product page, and product support page where users can submit alternative answers to a single question. For example, Quora.