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Free Divi Plus Meetup Child Theme

Divi Plus Child Theme for Communities to Feature Meetups

Single Page Layout

One Single Page to Display Everything

This Free Divi plus meetup child theme is an ideal choice for WordPress websites organizing meetups. The top section includes the eye catchy headings along with the images. The next section gives the convenience to discover and join new events. The user reviews are also placed in a slider to indulge the experiences of the existing members. All the latest stories and insights of the meetups are are presented on a slider with images and brief information. The bottom section contain the important FAQs and helpful information for the visitors. The last section provides the CTAs for joining the meetup community along with the contact information.
6 Divi Plus Modules

Divi Plus Modules in Use

This Divi child theme is created using 6 Divi Plus modules. The Divi Plus Fancy Heading module makes all the headings sparkling enough to capture quick attention of users. The Divi Plus Floating Image module provides the floating effect to the images to give them eye catching look. The Blog Slider module of Divi Plus helps in displaying all the latest meet up insights in a sliding fashion. The FAQpage Schema module lets you display all the FAQs in separate interactive tabs.

Fancy Heading

Advanced Button

Blog Slider

Testimonial Slider

FAQPage Schema

Floating Image

Accent color of theme

Colors and Fonts

The Divi Plus meetup implements a colorful and vibrant look to highlight all the information. The combination of Vivid and splashy colors are use in this Divi child theme to feature the headings and CTA buttons.

Red Hat

Main Heading

Open Sans

Body Text

Your liability


All the images are CC0 and entirely free to use for any legitimate goal, you get access to alter, copy, and share the images all without risking anything for approval.
Divi and Divi Plus Do All The Magic


Divi and Divi Plus are a prerequisite for using this free child theme on a WordPress website. This Divi child theme offers the ideal layout required for showcasing meetups on a WordPress website.