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Free Divi Plus Landing App Child Theme

Divi Plus Child Theme for Apps

Single Page Layout

Get Everything On One Single Page

This Free Divi Plus Landing app child theme is an ideal solution to portray the landing page of an app on a Divi website. The single page of this Divi child theme is capable of conveying all the essential information of any app and its services. The top section of the page introduces the app with multiple download buttons. The next two sections portray the popularity, trustworthiness, and features of the app. The pricing section displays the plans in a striking way. The trusted partners are elegantly showcased using a logo slider. The last section includes the testimonials in a slider, FAQs in switchable tabs, and a subscribe button at the bottom to stay updated.

7 Divi Plus Modules

Crafted Using the Divi Plus Modules

The Landing App child theme is created using 7 outstanding Divi Plus modules. Divi Plus Buttons drive the users to make an action. Divi Plus Fancy Heading makes all the heading more captivating. The Divi Plus Logo slider makes it easy to display all the trusted clients interactively. The Divi plus FAQ Page Schema lets you feature all the relevant FAQs in separate tabs. Last but not least is the Testimonial slider that displays the user reviews.

Fancy Heading

Advanced Button

Logo Slider

Testimonial Slider

FAQPage Schema

Floating Image

Image Card

Accent color of theme

Colors and Fonts

Different vibrant colors are used to display separate sections of this single page child theme. A perfect combination of white and blue is implemented to distinguish the important aspects of the app in a clear way. The buttons and icons are kept flashy to get the quick attention of the users.


Main Heading

Open Sans

Body Text

Your liability


All the images are CC0 and entirely free to use for any legitimate goal, you get all the access to alter, copy and share the images all without risking anything for approval.
Divi and Divi Plus Do All Magic


Divi and Divi Plus are the minimum requirements to use this free child theme on your WordPress website. This Divi child theme gives you a convenient way to introduce an app and its services on a Divi website in a dazzling way.